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Honda and Acura Factory Trained Collision Repair Specialties

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When you want professional, quality collision repair, consider a ProFirst Certified Body Shop

Honda Specific Training

To ensure that body shops keep up with the latest Honda technology, each ProFirst shop must complete Honda-specific training through I-CAR, and is required to take additional Honda-specific training as it becomes available.


Honda Specific Repair Information

ProFirst Certified body shops have unprecedented access to all service and repair information, including mechanical and collision repair, for all years and models of Honda automobiles – information needed to make a safe and complete repair.


Tools and Equipment

Late-model vehicles are often designed and engineered using different metals and lightweight materials to increase fuel economy, These materials often require specific tools and equipment for proper repair, and ProFirst Certified shops have the right tools and equipment to repair your Honda, no matter what year it is.

Facility Standards

All ProFirst Certified shops are required to maintain a clean and professional environment inside the shop, the customer areas, and outside the building.


Customer Satisfaction System

Each shop must be committed to customer satisfaction, and have a customer satisfaction survey system to ensure that they meet customer expectations.


Annual Inspection

Through a third-party, American Honda physically inspects all ProFirst Certified shops annually to confirm tools and equipment, facility cleanliness, and overall shop operation. Training and verification of proper repair procedures is performed on an ongoing basis

All ProFirst Certified shops are validated for their skill and expertise, commitment to a complete, proper and safe repair, to ongoing industry education, and to customer satisfaction. Each shop is validated annually by an independent third party to help ensure a high standard of repair quality.

Knowledge, Skill and Methodology Requirements

To qualify for the ProFirst Certified program, body shops must meet specific knowledge and skill requirements, becoming either an I-CAR Gold Class Professional®, Verifacts VQ or Verifacts Medallion shop.


I-CAR (The Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing those in the collision repair industry with the knowledge and skills to achieve a complete and safe repair. Shops who achieve I-CAR’s highest level of training are designated as I-CAR Gold Class Professionals, considered the highest level of training in the industry.


VeriFacts VQ verifies that the shop adheres to the vehicle manufacturer’s repair guidelines and best quality practices. VeriFacts representatives perform on-site shop inspections to ensure that the repair methods, materials, and tools and equipment are consistent with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations to produce a safe and complete collision repair. VeriFacts is the most highly respected verification/inspection organization in the industry.