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In order to keep your car driving straight on the road, your wheels need to be in alignment. Having your alignment checked regularly ensures that your tires wear evenly and that you prevent damage to any other parts of your car.

Electronic measurements for alignment

Wheels get knocked out of alignment from regular day-to-day driving, especially if you ride on bumpy roads or have run over curbs. Neglecting to repair the alignment can lead to problems farther down the line, including replacing tires more frequently.


With our high-tech electronic measuring equipment, you can count on us to repair your alignment with precision to ensure the best results.

Signs of poor wheel alignment

• Uneven wear on tires

• Pulling to the right or left

• Passive pulling while driving

• Crooked steering wheel

• Running over curbs

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Electronic measurements for alignment Wheel alignment

Get your wheel alignment checked out

If you find yourself frequently driving on bumpy roads, running over curbs, or you have any of the signs of four wheel alignment mentioned above, it is important is to get your wheel alignment checked out as a part your routine maintenance.

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