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Most cars use a unibody frame design and most trucks use a full frame design. In order to get the best repairs, you need specialized services. Our experienced team can diagnose the issues with your frame to get your car straightened out and back to normal.

Electronic frame measuring

In order to get accurate and precise repairs for your unibody car frame, you need to have access to the best tools. With

our state-of-the-art equipment, we can accurately

measure your frame to ensure that it is restored

back to its original condition.


Electronic frame measuring allows us to get more accurate measurements so that your car will be just like new.

Professional car frame repairs

• Frame diagnostics

• Electronic frame measuring

• Frame restoration

• Frame repairs

• Return frame back to manufacturer standards

• Proof of repair

• Quality and professional services

• And much more!

We proudly stand behind all of our repairs with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for collision repairs.



*Remember, you have right to take your car to the shop of your choice.

Give us a call for unibody repairs


In addition to frame and collision repairs, we use our computerized equipment for wheel alignments as well.

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